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OIL-ARAB Limited is a massive & reliable investment opportunity for clients.

OIL-ARAB Limited was established with the objective of spearheading the company into the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry. Our strategy was to consolidate all energy businesses into a single corporate entity. However, later looking at the very nature of the oil & gas business which requires focus and large investments , we wanted to intiate an investment platform which would be profitable to both the investors & the company simultaneously.

Our projects are secured and implemented in strategic alliances with both foreign & domestic oil companies. Thus, the company which is presently headquartered at London, has joint ventures with companies of international repute and standing in the business. Its portfolio includes interests in exploration and production blocks all over the globe.

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OIL-ARAB Limited
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    2 May 2019
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We welcome all investors to the official website of OIL-ARAB Limited ! OIL-ARAB Limited is a UK registered company & its company number is 11976319.